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We take the time to get to know our clients and their specific needs in order to make sure that the product that we are delivering is accurate, properly machined and on time.  Building a level of trust and respect with our customers and our community is what will help us continue to grow and prosper.  We want our clients to rely on Granite State MetalWorks for all of their machining needs present and future.  

We have knowledgable staff, professional equipment, affordable rates and only produce high quality machining solutions.
Servicing NH, MA, ME, VT, RI, CT
Affordable Rates and Quality Service
Manufacturing Solutions
Whether you need precision CNC machining, a large batch of parts or a single prototype with tight tolerances - Granite State MetalWorks has the capacity to deliver.

Granite State MetalWorks is founded on the principles of placing the customers needs first and delivering the product on time and professionally.  We have invested in top of the line equipment and pride ourselves in producing the highest quality machining in New England.

Communication is one of the most important factors when choosing a local machine shop to fill your machining needs.
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Manufacturing Solutions
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